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Our superior pest control services are designed to get to the root of your problem and gets rid of common household pests whilepreventing new ones from cropping up. We focus on offering year-round pest control services in houses, commercial properties, and other grounds in Gallupville and nearby towns. We perform pest control services to eliminate ants, cockroaches, termites and other bothersome pests. Our pest control service technicians are trained to operate the most advanced pest-control technology and are devoted to providing reliable, quality service. We are committed to offering efficient solutions that are safe for your house, family members, pets and environment, so you will not have to worry about there being negative effects to your pest control experience.

Ant Exterminator Service

Ant RemovalAnts are located all over the country and are harmful to food and property. They can also bring illness and health-risks. In some areas of the country ants can even sting and can be dangerous. The initial step in removing an ant infestation on your property in Gallupville is to recognize the species of ant. Not all ants are the same. Therefore understanding their biology and the differences is important in order to establish the proper ant control strategy that could be implemented to remove ants from your property. Do-it-yourself ant control approaches typically are not effective. Our specialists can help you with ant control and advise you on the best option for your problem.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Treatment in Gallupville NYRoaches are attracted to wet environments and they usually spend the daylight hours in dark, remote areas under refrigerators, stoves, cabinets or in between baseboards. They can also be discovered behind pictures or inside electronic equipment. A number of these openings will eventually connect to voids in the walls. The bugs leave these areas during the night to look for water and food. The presence of roaches throughout the day that can mean there is a significant population. Don’t live another day with cockroaches in your home. Call us at 518-941-8361 today!

Bee Exterminator

Gallupville Bee RemovalBees get a bad reputation in the bug world, the reality is that a majority of bees will not sting unless they are provoked. However, when bees close to your house or place of business, they can pose a threat. When you have a bee invasion, you want it taken care of immediately. If somebody in your family has an allergic reaction to bee venom, these bugs can cause a major health problem. You should not attempt to get rid of bees or eliminate a hive yourself. Instead, call our bee control pros at 518-941-8361.

Wasp Removal

Wasp Control in Gallupville NYWasps are one of the most dangerous insects out there and the worst part is that they often build nests near
houses Every year the warmer months bring these stinging stinging pests to back yards throughout the Gallupville region. There are various kinds of wasps and a number of them will be a nuisance around your home. The most apparent sign of an issue is spotting a yellow jacket near your home. Scan the exterior walls of your home and eves for yellow jackets. Take care not to get too close as some kinds of wasps can be quite aggressive. The sting of a wasp is not only painful, but it can be lethal for people that are highly allergic. If you have observed a wasp nest on your residential or commercial property or near your home in Gallupville, you should call our wasp control specialists right now. Never attempt to deal with these dangerous pests on your own without the help of a professional with experience.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Treatment in Gallupville NYBed bugs removal in Gallupville can be challenging and tough, and the majority of consumer bedbug treatment products do not work because a majority of homeowners do not know what to look for or where to treat for bed bugs. Many infestations require treatments from a bed bug control expert. Schenectady Pest Control works at eliminating bed bugs due to the fact that we have a thorough treatment procedure that utilizes the most innovative techniques. We also offer an in-depth action plan to help you get ready for bedbug removal. If you have a bed bug infestation, schedule a free bed bug inspection by calling 518-941-8361 now!

Flea Control

Gallupville Flea RemovalMost property owners would agree that there is absolutely nothing worse than discovering you have fleas. Both humans and animals are in danger when contact is made. For pets, it can cause a variety of medical problems, such as skin inflammation, loss of hair and flea allergy dermatitis. For human beings, a flea can get into their hair which can cause itching. Schenectady Pest Control offers proven flea removal to protect your family members and pets. Call today for a free quote!

Mosquito Exterminator

Mosquito RemovalMosquitoes ruin parties, barbecues, and other enjoyable summer activities. To fully enjoy the warm summer weather conditions, area homeowners turn to our mosquito treatment professionals. Mosquitoes are a problem and they can also be dangerous. Eliminating mosquitos from your home allows you to get outside and enjoy New York’s excellent weather. In addition, it also helps you keep your loved ones safe from the hazardous diseases these insects are known to spread. To start managing mosquitoes, call our mosquito control professionals now!

Rat Control

Gallupville Rat ControlDo you need the help of skilled rat control pros? Are you worried about a rat problem in your house? Rats spread disease and will ruin your home and ruin your property. They’re among the most typical household rodents in the area and also one of the most difficult to remove. To protect your home, you will need to be one step ahead of rodent issues with the help of our rat control pros. From commercial to residential projects, we have a few of the most efficient methods and pest control specialists working with us to help remove the rat infestation without causing any harm to your kids.

Mice Removal

Mice Control in Gallupville NYIf you have a mice problem or issue, then do not think twice to call us at 518-941-8361. A mouse treatment professional will check your house in Gallupville NY or business and offer you with a mice extermination estimate. Mice eat food meant for human beings or family pets which can result in contamination problems and their continuous gnawing can cause damage to property. If you think you may have a mouse problem, it is essential to prevent disease from being spread. Call our rodent control experts today!

Rodent Removal

Critter Control near Gallupville NYEnduring a rodent infestation can be extremely overwhelming for homeowners, especially if they have never handled rodents before. Rodents typically enter houses and other buildings looking for food or to escape harsh weather conditions. Rodents can cause substantial property damage and even pose a health risk to inhabitants. In addition to carrying fleas and other parasites, rodents crawl on filthy surface areas and spread bacteria throughout contaminated locations. If you notice any indication of rodents inside your house or business, contact our rodent control specialists in Gallupville for a free estimate.

Spider Removal

Spider Removal in Gallupville NYHere in Gallupville, spiders can pose a genuine risk to property owners. Spiders are creepy creatures that present many risks to the home and it’s occupants. Spiders typically build unwelcome webs near windows, doors, and ceilings. Although a lot of spiders are not harmful, they can bite when threatened. Common spider bites include signs of itching around a raised red welt. To avoid spider bites, it is essential to eliminate them from your house. If you’ve seen spiders around your house, let our professionals assist you. With years of experience controlling spiders, we can remove your spider problems for good.

Termite Inspection

Termite Treatment near Gallupville NYObserving visible signs of a termite infestation can be distressing. Termites are extremely destructive pests and can cause a considerable amount of damage to a house. Homeowners insurance coverage usually does not include termite damage or treatment which makes it even more imperative for property owners to take preventive measures to safeguard your home from wood destroying organisms. Immediate remediation is necessary when it concerns termite control. Our knowledgeable termite exterminators are able to recognize precisely what type of termites you are currently dealing with, and after that carry out a plan that will totally get rid of the colony. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Reach out to us for a free termite inspection.

Tick Control

Tick ControlTicks are a parasitic bug meaning they will attach and feed from the blood of their host. Controlling ticks can be a difficult procedure because they are constantly introduced onto your property by wild animals that cross it. At Schenectady Pest Control, we provide tick treatment solutions that decrease the amount of ticks that you have on your property. If you require tick treatment for your home in Gallupville then you’re in luck. Over the years, we’ve discovered the most efficient methods to remove tick issues so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to be concerned about any unwanted visitors.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Gallupville NYIf you own a business, you understand how critical commercial pest control is to safeguarding your financial investment and your livelihood from pests and rodents. From maintaining a positive reputation to increasing your earnings, your customers are at the heart of what you do. Insects and rodents in your business can affect the how your clients view you and your business. They can also pose serious risks to your workers and your customers and the safety of your business. Even though bugs and rodents are typically small, their affect on your company’s bottom line can be huge. We have experience providing commercial pest and rodent control service to all types of commercial and industrial buildings including industrial machinery, airplane hangars, medical offices, churches, apartment buildings, supermarkets, self storage facilities, institutions, bowling alley, houses of worship, private schools, universities, shopping malls, bridges, municipal buildings, banks, night clubs, town homes, homeowners associations, estate homes, strip malls, apartments, movie theatres, association complexes, schools, offices, industrial plants, and more!

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We understand how crucial safeguarding your house is. When you work with Schenectady Pest Control, our objective is to provide you with not only a solution you need but one you can count on. Our objective is to safeguard your house, your family, and your utilizing only the most reliable and safe techniques of extermination. Together with honesty, we provide the experience you need when you are in the unfortunate situation of needing bug control service. We take our job seriously and we are committed to making your home our main priority no matter what kind of pest problem might be. We provide personalized plans developed to meet your requirements. If you are having issues with bugs, call 518-941-8361 to speak with a skilled expert.

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